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3 Reasons Everyone Should Clean Their Windows Registry

Windows Registry

The registry is an important component of the Windows operating system. It is the central database in which your Windows operating system stores configuration information related to installed hardware and software. The registry also stores preferences of various users configured on your PC and the system setup information. Because the registry controls almost all functions that occur on your PC, the chances of registry errors are quite high. Furthermore, because your operating system, hardware, and applications are dependent on the registry to carry out various activities, registry errors have a direct affect on the performance of your system and the way applications work on it. The top three problems caused by an unhealthy registry are discussed here.


Frequent System Errors

Overtime, a large number of unwanted data accumulates in the registry causing it to grow uncontrollably, making it cluttered and fragmented. A corrupted registry is unstable and generates frequent system errors, application errors, and causes system freezes and crashes. To prevent these errors and system crashes, you need to regularly scan the registry for errors and get rid of all unwanted information stored in it. Doing this will help you maintain a compact and healthy registry and also prevent system errors.


Deteriorated System Performance

If you monitor the activity of your Windows registry you will see hundreds of entries being accessed, removed, and added to it within a short amount of time. Due to this constant addition and removal of information, registry files tend to get fragmented. Many times, when a key is removed, it leaves behind a place holder in the registry, which is actually an empty registry key and is of no use. These registry holes also unnecessarily contribute toward increasing registry size and making it unstable. A fragmented and unstable registry deteriorates the performance of your Vista computer. Therefore, to speed up your PC, you need to regularly clean and defrag the Windows registry to maintain its contiguity and prevent it from growing too large.


Accumulation of Malicious Registry Keys

You know that all programs on your PC have to access the registry to perform various operations. Well, the same goes with malware programs such as viruses, Trojans, spyware and adware too. If your PC is infected by any kind of malware, your registry is likely to be filled up with many malicious registry keys added by these programs. Although you may get rid of malware using antivirus and antispyware tools, a few registry keys may get left behind. You can easily get rid of these left-behind malicious registry keys when you perform registry cleanup.

How Registry Cleaners Can Help

A large number of registry cleaner tools are available in the market today that you can use to perform a registry fix and cleanup. Using a reliable registry cleaner tool you can:

  • Scan and remove all unwanted information from the registry and ensure yourself a stable PC.
  • Defrag the registry to make the registry files contiguous and the registry compact, thereby reducing the data access time and boosting the performance of your PC.
  • Perform a deep scan of the registry and weed out hidden malware registry keys.
  • Make registry backups that you can use to restore the registry in case it fails.

To ensure that your PC is free from system errors and malware and is at its best performance, you should regularly clean your registry. The simplest and the most efficient method to do this is by using a registry cleaner utility.

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