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Managed Services

IT services and solutionsManaged Services is a comprehensive IT Service and Support Solution for companies that outsource their IT services whose operations are computer dependent and up time and productivity are a primary concern.

Key Components of Managed Services

Remote IT Service and Support:

  • How It Works: There is a help desk icon on your desktop and anytime you have a service or support need you click on the icon and fill out a service request. That service request is sent to the technician who is assigned to your account. The tech either calls you back or sends you a reply. Depending on your service needs the tech will either walk you through the problem over the phone or request permission to log in to your desktop remotely to resolve the problems.
  • The benefits of a web based remote service and support system:

    • A rapid response time of 30 minutes from service request to response
    • Lower IT costs because everything is done remotely

Remote Monitoring:

  • Internet connection
  • System logs
  • Application logs
  • Security logs
  • CPU load
  • Memory usage
  • Hard drive space

Monthly Maintenance:

  • Check that your Microsoft security & critical updates are installed
  • Review your virus logs and update your virus definitions.
  • Review your applications in start up and make necessary changes
  • Review your E-mail setting for spam and make necessary changes
  • Review Internet Explorer settings and make necessary changes
  • Cleanup your system registry
  • Defrag hard drive
  • Run Check Disk on hard drive to find and correct file corruption
  • Run external security check on your network and resolve any issues
  • Run network Virus Scan and remove any undetected viruses
  • Review backup logs for errors

Detailed Reporting:

  • A monthly report describing all services rendered with time spent
  • The monthly reports allow you to manage your IT budget
  • Review your current service requests online for completion status
  • Review your IT projects for status and completion date

Asset Management:

  • A record of every computer:
  • Network information
  • Hardware information
  • Software information
  • Maintenance record
  • Provides the information for:

    • Replacement due to maintenance record
    • Review user usage due to maintenance record
    • Computer replacement based on suitability for system or software upgrade

Additional Solutions:

  • Antivirus subscription for your workstations & servers.
  • We use Postini domain E-mail filtering for Spam and Spyware
  • Remote verified backup for data protection and disaster recovery
  • Remote login for employee access to pertinent company documents
  • Remote virus scans for additional virus protection
  • Remote security scans for network security changes
  • Managed internet access for employees
  • Locking workstation configuration with Deepfreeze software to prevent user changes
  • Mirror imaging of servers and critical computers for rapid rebuild
  • Disaster & recovery planning
  • Downtime cost analysis
  • Project management

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