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Customer Testimonials

Quick Onsite Repair‎
By Kathleen S. - Jun 24, 2010
My laptop was running slow and I needed to complete a webinar. I called Onsite Computer Services and they were at my home within an hour. An hour after that, my computer was running like new and I was able to participate in the webinar. ...‎

We never have to worry about our computers...‎‎

By natalie - May 13, 2010
"As a small insurance agent we could not afford the luxury of an in house IT person and since we rely so heavily on our computer system it is imperative that our network be up and running. We have been dealing with Onsite Computer Services for over 15 years and they have never let us down. I keep up on the insurance industry, they keep up on computer technology." "Prior to the managed service plan our system would glitch once a week, now with the Tuesday night check up we seldom have any down time. The remote access technology has been a real win win for us.. They don't need to waste valuable time sitting in traffic and we get our issues resolved quicker." "You buy insurance "in case" something real bad happens. We buy managed service to "prevent" something bad from happening." Natalie Salton, Terra Comm Group

By Kathleen – July 14, 2010
Awesome: They know what they are doing. They are the most affordable computer service place in the area. It was statement day and the computers floze and would not reboot.They replaced my PC's motherboard the same day with half the price others (Geek Squad and Staples) had quoted. Staff was very helpful and even troubleshooted the problem over the phone, I could not believe that support was free. I recommend Onsite Computer Services to all for any computer help

Thank you, thank you for the quick rescue!‎‎
By tom.hutcherson - August 23, 2010
"I would like to thank Onsite Computer Services for rescuing our Exchange server. We weren't even a client of theirs and called on them for a down server. They had an engineer onsite with 15 minutes. They replaced a dead hard drive and fixed all of our data corruption. We were back up and running within hours." "Onsite Computer Services was able to diagnose the issue and repair it without ever seeing our network before. They fully explained the issue and gave details on what was needed to repair the problem. In the end, it was exactly as he said it would be. I would recommend them to anyone." Tom Hutcherson, Eastern USTA

Professional Staff‎‎
By billbrowne - September 8, 2010
"I have worked with many computer companies and found that Onsite Computer Services is one that has the most experienced technicians in the field not only with their products but with third vendor products and software. Whenever I call them with a problem and they have to send a technician out they are always very prompt. I found that their best asset is their customer service and their technical ability." Bill Browne, Rio Capital

Technicians are so knowledgeable‎‎

By janet - October 3, 2010
"Shannon - we love you man!!! Seriously, after many years of frustration with our software/hardware system, we were lucky enough to find Onsite Computer Services - and we have been thrilled since! They are responsive, pro-active and reasonably priced. Look forward to a long relationship as we grow together!" Joan Williams, A-Home

Call Onsite for Quick and Complete Service‎‎
By brucemoses - November 23, 2010
"We are very happy with Onsite Computer Services Remote Management Plan. When we have a computer problem we just go online and "chat" with the on-call tech. Often the problem is solved right then as the tech goes into our system, diagnoses and fixes the problem. There's no more waiting for a tech to arrive at the office hours later." Bruce Moses, Better Benefits

Remote Support is the way to go!‎‎

By B.Adler - December 13, 2010
"The way they work on our computers remotely is awesome. I never have to wait for help. I call and they fix it right away." Bernie Adler, Adler Consulting

Professional and FAST‎‎
By barry - January 8, 2011
"Our employees have never been as happy since Onsite Computer Services took over our IT needs. Your staff are always very professional and resolve our issues in a timely manner." Barry Stern, American Stitch Authority

Always Available!!‎‎
By jim - February 27, 2011
"Onsite Computer Services is always available when we need help. Their friendly, expert staff handles any questions or issues that arise." "Our latest workstation upgrades were completed during business hours with little disruption to our staff. Onsite Computer Services team helped plan the deployment to keep our staff working." Jim Caldwell, FTP Financial

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